Action Plans

Get Organised With Action Plans In c360. Track. Monitor. Improve.

In order to maintain compliance providers must manage their action plans. The CQC as well as other external agencies may suggest actions for improvement and you must be able to demonstrate that actions are being followed up.
C360’s action planning tool manages actions and makes it easy to follow actions in it’s unique cloud based action plan template designed for care providers.

The action plan template allows users to record and manage actions, create reports and filter actions by category to quickly monitor progress.

Create action plans directly from an audit and track actions easily with timelines and alerts. Assign actions and evidence improvement at the touch of a button.

C360 makes it easy to track actions over time with updates and activity mapped against audits and outcomes. Get alerts on action status and reminders in your inbox.

Reduce the paperwork and administration of action plans.

  • Track actions in one place

    Quickly see actions by status, what is pending, on hold, in progress and completed.

  • Get alerts and reminders

    Alerts and reminders can be configured to meet your requirements. Get alerted when things are overdue or even reminders when an action is due.

  • Automated update requests

    With automated update requests, there is no need to manually chase actions. Set flags where updates are needed.

Action plans for compliance

Combine external actions

Keep all actions in one place even if from an external agency.

View by region

See action progress by region to monitor improvement.

Key Lines of Enquiry

Relate actions to Key Lines of Enquiry to trend what is being done to improve by KLOE.

Categorise actions

Categorise actions by any operational criteria to analyse where improvements can be made.

Demonstrate accountability

Demonstrate to the CQC that the right people are involved in managing quality and compliance.

Suggested actions

Set up suggested actions based on your services to promote continuous improvement across the entire organisation.

Our users are saving time, improving quality and managing compliance better than ever before.

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